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Q&A for Ariya Finergy


  1. Why should I lease rather than buy outright?

 Our motto is, ‘you focus on your core business and we will focus on your power which is our core business’. Buy choosing Ariya Finergy you are choosing a partner who does the hard work for you. Ariya has conducted extensive and competitive tender processes and will manage the procurement and construction for you to ensure quality control at all levels.  We pay for the system and lease at competitive monthly rates, so you do not have to waste time negotiating with your bank or put up extra collateral for a loan.  We will provide operations and maintenance services throughout the lease period, and beyond if requested. 

As your partners we will continually work with you to enhance the performance of the system, we will monitor and work with you to maximize the efficiency of your energy usage whilst minimizing consumption. Our team of qualified operations and maintenance technicians will be at your service 24/7.

If you buy the system outright the bank or financier will require collateral, they do not provide you with technical support and the responsibility for selecting the equipment, the contractor and overseeing the quality control rests with you. In short you bear all the risk.

  1. What are estimated cost savings / cost benefit analysis?

The monthly lease cost of the system depends on whether a 5 year or a 10 year lease period is chosen, both are competitive.  Please contact us so we can provide you with the cost saving that would be available for your business.


  1. Can we confirm we will be guaranteeing a tariff lower than KPLC?

As at the time of writing this document the lease price is lower than KPLC.


  1. What extra costs are there?

 The lease agreement is transparent and shows all the costs, there are no hidden costs.


  1. Is there a lease-to-own option

We offer different leasing models depending on the customers’ preference regarding ownership, there is a lease-to-own option.


  1. Is this solution for on-grid or off-grid sites?

We provide clean power system leasing solutions for both on and off grid sites. 


  1. Where is your operations and maintenance team located

The operations and maintenance (O&M) is provided by an experienced international Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) with support from ASD a Kenyan energy specialist company that is based in Nairobi. Our priority is to provide you with world class service at your doorstep.


  1. What do you mean by an embedded system?

This is a power system that is designed to provides power to your business, it is installed on your premises and each system is carefully designed to suit your power requirements.


  1. Do your systems have batteries?

We have designed and installed systems with batteries, however, batteries are currently not yet commercially competitive for grid-connected clients.  For off-grid clients batteries are considered as an integral part of the system design.  We are closely following the rapidly changing battery technologies, and believe that much like the sudden decline in the cost of solar panels we will see battery prices drop to commercially viable levels in the near future.


  1.  Do you agree on a tariff/lease price before installation and does it change with time?  

The lease price is agreed prior to installation of the system and does not change throughout the term of the lease agreement.

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